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  • February is such a fun-filled month! We have so much to celebrate!

    Groundhog Day: We kicked off the month by predicting and graphing if Pennsylvania's famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, would see his shadow or not. Unfortunately for some, Phil forcasted 6 more weeks of winter.

    Chinese New Year: is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar. It was the year of the rooster and began on January 27th, when the moon was in the New Moon phase. It lasted for 15 days and ended on February 11th with the Full Moon. The students enjoyed learning about Chinese customs, they used chopsticks to eat snack and made paper lanterns.

    Read-A-Thon: Mrs. Armenia, our librarian, began our annual Read-A-Thon on Friday the 3rd with a camping theme. The students will receive a special reading log for each week of February. They record the number of minutes they read each night and in exchange they earn stations for Field Day. The books they read for the Read-a-Thon also can be counted on their daily, homework reading log.

    Jump Rope for Heart: Thank you to all who contributed to Mrs. McNally's Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. The students enjoyed a fun gym period of jumping rope to music.

    100th Day of School was celebrated on Wednesday, February 8th. The students rotated around the room to various stations, where the activity centered around the number 100. They did 100 exercises, made 100 day hats and glasses, math facts to 100, counted out 100 pieces of snack trail mix, wrote what their life would be like at 100 years old and created art from the numbers 1,0,0. 

    Valentine's Day: We are loving all the creative Valentine mailboxes that have been brought into class! The boys and girls are looking forward to delivering their special Valentines after enjoying breakfast. We have other Valentine themed activities planned for the day as well. 

    Black History Month: February is Black History month. We continue to read and learn about famous Black Americans that have made wonderful contributions toward shaping our society.

    President's Day: We will honor Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's birthdays later this month, by reading bigoraphies in Guided Reading groups and completing a venn diagram/art project. 


    Writing:  We have begun our next unit of study which focuses on opinion writing. Students will be forming and writing opinions about books they have read and the characters in those books. Students will learn to form clear opinions and support their ideas with evidence. They will write persuasive letters and pieces that persuade others that thier favorite books are worthy of awards! 


    Reading:This reading unit focuses on patterns in the natural world. Using a series of non-fiction science texts, students use the meaning of specialized vocabulary to deepen their understanding of science concepts, understand how scientists obesrve and collect data about their world, learn how to generate questions before, during and after reading to determine importance, and use facts they have read to create inferences about various topics. 


    Fundations:  In unit 10, the children practice building words with the -ai and -ay vowel teams. In week two, they learn about homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently, for example, sale and sail)  and pracitce using the correct one in context. When completing Fundations homework, make sure your child is using the correct word list for the current week. Remember you can complete an entire week’s HW in one night if you have a busy week ahead. Keep practicing those trick words we continue to see improvement!


    Math: In Unit 6, the students practice their estimation skills with ball park estimation, graphing, and addition with partial sums. In small groups, the children continue to sharpen their skills with telling time, counting money and measurement. 


    Social Studies:  With the start of the third marking period, we have switched back to Social Studies. This unit focuses on identifying and describing the three branches of government and their functions. We also discuss how government works to help its citizens and the contributions made by our local, state and national leaders. 


    F.Y.I. Here are some important dates to remember in February;

    STAR Testing window is open all month. 

    Tuesday, February 7th: Report cards were distributed...please sign and return the envelope.

    Friday, February 17th: Early Dismissal at 2:05 pm for teacher in-service.

    Monday, February 20th: School is closed to celebrate President's Weekend. 

    Friday, February 24th: PTO Bingo Night


    Again, a special Shout Out to those of you that have so generously donated tissues and Clorox wipes during this cold and flu season! Thanks for keeping us healthy in room 107!!