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What is a Podcast

A podcast is simply an audio file that can be downloaded to your computer and listened to at your leisure,either on the computer or on an MP3 player. Unlike a radio program which is broadcast at a specific time, a podcast can be played at any time, like any recording.

You can listen to any of our podcast episodes by clicking on one of the links on the left column of this page, then on the link on the ensuing page. You can subscribe to the podcast and have new episodes download automatically to your computer.


To listen to the Podcast, click on the link (MP3 for audio only or WMV for video).

To download a Podcast to your computer, right-click on the link and click "Save Target As..."

To add the Podcast to your iPod:

  1. Download the Podcast to your computer's desktop
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Go to File menu
  4. Select "Add File to Library..."
  5. Navigate to Desktop
  6. Select the file you want to add.
  7. Synchronize iTunes with your iPod



Podcast subscription in iTunes:

To subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (click here to download iTunes):

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Go to the Advanced menu, and choose "Subscribe to Podcast...".
  3. In the new window, paste the podcast's subscription link (at the top of each Podcast page) into the box labeled URL (i.e., http://www.wtps.org/podcasts/[name of podcast].xml).
  4. Hit "OK." iTunes should find the podcast and automatically download the most recent episode.
  5. Other podcasting software: iPodder (PC)