Whitman Elementary

Home of the Whitman Wildcats

SAC Contact Information

Student Assistance Counselors


Mrs. Sandy Conlin


589-6644 ext. 3858

Bells Elementary   Tues. (AM), Thurs. (AM)
Hurffville Elementary   Mon. (AM), Wed. (PM)
Thomas Jefferson Elementary   Tues. (PM), Thurs. (PM), Fri.
Wedgwood Elementary   Mon. (PM), Wed. (AM)

Mr. Michael Petticrew


589-6644 ext. 5022

Birches Elementary   Mon., Wed., Fri., (PM)
Whitman Elementary   Tues., Thurs. (PM)
Bunker Hill Middle School   Mon. thru Fri. (AM)

Mr. Tom Woodson


589-6644 ext. 5346

Chestnut Ridge Middle School   Mon., Wed. (AM), Thurs.
Orchard Valley Middle School   Tues., Wed. (PM), Fri.

Mr. Jamie Oliver


589-8500 ext. 7013

High School Room B10 11/12 HS   All Week

Mrs. Heather Petolicchio


589-8500 ext. 7664

High School Room I 113 9/10 HS   All Week