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Borders, Backgrounds, Buttons
3-Dimensional Images
Clip Art
Web Graphics
Image Searches and Resources


Backgrounds Archive Free backgrounds; great for PowerPoint

MS Paint

Two step-by-step tutorials to learn how to use Microsoft Paint
MultiColor Search Lab Chose up to 10 colors and this engine searches Flickr Creative Common images  by the inclusion of the colors chosen
PicMarkr Add a watermark to your photos

Borders, Backgrounds, and Buttons

All Free Backgrounds Hundreds of free background tiles to chose from  
Background City Textured, embossed, pattern backgrounds and more
Note:  A link back to this site is required.
Cool Text An online graphics generator for web pages 
Flaming Text  Headings, buttons, bullets, etc. with step-by-step instructions
3-D Text Maker Make 3-D Text  

Clip Art

ARG! Cartoon Animation Over 2,500 free, original, animated GIFs including a dancing cartoon alphabet  and dancing words
Clipart ETC 35,000 pieces of free clipart and growing every month
DK Clip Art Photographs to support class and homework activities
Educational Clipart Clipart organized by subjects from 
Free Fever Copyright free clipart
Graphic Maps Free clipart includes continents, flags, globes, outline maps, USA and world images
Kitty Roach's Graphics and Sounds Original, animated graphics and sounds
#1 Free Clip Art Categorized clipart
WP Clipart Public domain clipart  


AICT Art Images for College Teaching provides free-use educational resources of historical photos
AMG Media Works Royalty free photos to use as long as credit is given to the photographer: Ernest von Rosen, (low-res photos free; hi-res must be purchased)
American Memory Collections An extensive collection of historic photographs, maps, motion pictures, manuscripts, etc. Library of Congress site.
Behold CC Search for high quality Flickr images
Calisphere Historical images collections for educators (University of California)
Cepholinia Photo Free photo archive about travel and nature
EduPic Free photographs and graphic for educators
EdTechTeacher An extensive list of Internet sources containing public domain images
5-14 Curriculum Illustrations and photographs free for educational use. Credit Learning and Teaching Scotland archive.
Flickr Creative Common licensed images (be sure to check which level the image is on)
Flickr Storm Search collections of Flickr images
FreeFoto 131,886 free images with 181 sections organized into 3623 categories
FreePixels Free photographs arranged by subject
Image After Free photo collection
Kitzu Free, educational, copyright-friendly media resources
LIFE Photo Archive Millions of photographs from the 1750s to today.  Most were never published and are now available through the joint work of LIFE and Google.  Photos are free to print and use for not-for-profit organizations
MorgueFile Provides the public and creative community with free, high resolution photo materials
NASA Graphics Space and flight images
National Archives Exhibits Hall Historical photographs and documents
National Image Library Wide assortment of selected images, publications, video and audio clips by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service Contains natural resource and conservation related photos from across the USA
NOAA Photo Library Free photos in the public domain with more than 20,000 photographs of weather events, animals, coastlines, the Antarctic, and more
Open Photo A collection of photographs for free noncommercial use
PD Photo Large collection of public domain photos, unless something is clearly marked as being copyrighted
Photos in the News National Geographic photographs of current events for classroom use
Photo Laboratory Awesome collection of colorful photographs; requires a free registration
Pics4Learning Large collection of thematic digital images
Smithsonian Images Images from the Collections of the Office of Imaging and Photographic Services
U.S. Government Graphics and Photos This site functions as a portal to other government sites offering images with most items in the collection in the public domain  

3-Dimensional Images

Note:  3D glasses are needed to view the 3-dimensional effect
How to Make 3D Glasses Make 3D glasses to use with 3D images
3D Anaglyph Photos 3D images as well as instructions for creating 3D photos in Photoshop
3D Bug Gallery Get up close to a variety of bugs in 3D
3D Images of Nature 3D nature photos include amphibians, birds, geology, plants and more
3D Images of Japan 3D photos taken in Japan
3D Image Library Over 20,000 3D images: places around the world, animals, science, sports
3D Journal Gallery 3D photos including places throughout the world

Web Graphics

BigNoseBird Coordinated web page sets: buttons, navigation, background images
Cartoon Cottage A variety of web page graphics
Clipart by Lisa Country clip art; must be purchased
Creating Online Easy to use online tools and resources
ELATED Image Kits Images you can download for free to build a website
Free Graphics Free custom made buttons, bullets, dividers and other quality graphics
School Icons Web Graphics  Backgrounds, buttons, sets (requires a link back to their site)  

Image Searches and Resources

Alta Vista Image Search A comprehensive image and video search
Google Image Search A comprehensive image search 
Dogpile Image Search A comprehensive image search
Picsearch A comprehensive image search
Yahoo Image Search A comprehensive image  and video search
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