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Keyboarding Practice

ABCYa Keyboard challenge
Al Bunny's Typing Class Type the letters and see if the bunny can beat the turtle; free download
Computer Circus Choose the keys you want to practice
Crazy Typing Type letters as they pass through the timing bar
Dance Mat Typing From BBC; learn and practice keyboarding
Free Typing Games Lessons and tests
Glencoe's Online Keyboarding 16 lessons to practice your keyboarding skills
Keyboard Climber Help a monkey climb up a trees by typing letters, score bananas
Key Seeker Keyboarding for Kindergarten
Keyboarding Lessons and Ideas Information about teaching keyboarding, technique checklist, resources
Click Introduction to Keyboarding for Elementary School Students for step-by-step lessons.
Keyboarding Practice Type a letter on the keyboard and watch it light up on the screen
Learn 2 Type Interactive exercises which help you learn to type
Neo Pets Practice typing words on the Grundo's
Net SMART Kids Internet Safety site used in third grade keyboarding
Peter's Online Typing Course Free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists
Power Typing Free online typing tutor
Rank My Typing Test your speed and accuracy among peers
Spell Dictator Type the word by filling in the empty bubbles before they move off the screen
Skywords Practice typing words on a squadron of planes
The Keyboard Playground Free typing games and tests - registration not required
Type Me Rescue falling letters and words by typing them correctly
Typer Shark Typing games; play online or download
Typing Test Free typing test that tests typing speed
Typing Web Free online typing tutor
Typer Spider Practice typing from letters to words
Typing Pal Online   Online typing practice and exercises  site; In "Practice," the game will not let you move on until you type each letter correctly
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