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Activity Sites for Students

There are many dynamic, interactive, educational sites for students on the Internet.   Below is just a small selection.
Activities and Games
Internet Safety
Reference Resources
For Parents
School / Homework Help

Activities and Games 

Alex's Paper Airplanes Learn how to make many different paper airplanes  (3-12)
Brainbashers A collection of puzzles, games and optical illusions  (3-12) -Brain Teasers

Games that train the brain  (3-12)

CyberChase A variety of fun games  (K-12)
Enchanted Learning A wide range of subjects; interactive activities; labeled as elementary but can be easily adapted for secondary  
FunBrain Fun activities  (K-12)
JigZone Online jigsaw puzzles (4-12)
Kids Web Get information about books, arts and crafts, fun and games, sports, homework (1-6)
Kids Folder Learning activities specific to grade level (K-12)
My Storymaker Students create their own stories with characters, shape, color and movement. (elementary)
PBS Kids Activities and games for PBS television programming (K-3)
SAT Question of the Day Practice SAT question, changes daily Student Technology Assessment Test Prep Games
Time for Kids Time Magazine; current events, search and homework tools, games, explore, magazines  (3-6)
Vocabulary Pinball Play pinball to learn spelling and meaning of new words  (3-6)  


BrainTrack Comprehensive directory of US Colleges & Universities  (9-12)
Career and College Resources A collection of online resources  (9-12)
Fast Web College and scholarship searches; financial aid tools page  (9-12)
Forensic Science Forensic Science college searches (9-12)
Go College Investigate colleges and financial help  (9-12)  

For Parents 

Parents’ Guide to the Information Superhighway Rules and tools for families online from The Children’s Partnership; comprehensive look at the information superhighway and what parents should know to help their children use it safely and wisely  (K-6)  

Internet Searches

Ask for Kids A “safe” web search tool that allows young people to ask questions in everyday language  (K-12)
CyberSleuth An Internet search guide for K-12 students  (K-12)
iTools Search tools; language tools; research tools  (2-12)
Ivy's Search Engines for Kids A collection of search engines, web guides and specialized search engines (animals, web cams, coloring sheets and more) for kids  (K-6)
Kid's OLR Kid's Online Resources; Links to a multitude of online resources by topic including Art/Music, History, Zoos/Animals and more  (4-8)
Kid's Search Tools A collection of several different kid friendly, kid safe search engines  (4-8)
Sweet Search Search engine for students  

Internet Safety 

i-SAFE America A non-profit Internet safety foundation, to bring Internet safety education and awareness to the youth of this country  (K-12)
Safe Surfing Learn about surfing the net safely and get a Surftificate  (K-6)
Security at Home: Child Safety Online Microsoft's guide for parents about keeping children safe online  (K-12)
Surf Swell From Disney; learn about internet safety by visiting  Privacy Falls, Virus Cave, Temple of Tact and Challenge of Doom  (K-6)  

Reference Resources Great Books Online Information, reference tools; downloadable dictionaries and thesauri; Columbia Encyclopedia; 70 volume Harvard Classics collection and the works of Shakespeare; quotations, phrases, and proverbs (4-12) Type in the word to retrieve definition and usage (2-12)
The Library Spot Links to numerous online libraries, reference materials, periodicals, quotations, books, literary criticism, poetry and speeches (6-12)
Merriam-Webster Online Online dictionary with definition, pronunciation, usage, grammatical function, and a brief etymology (1-12)
Picture Dictionary Illustrated dictionary; each word is used in a meaningful example sentence  (K-4)
Quoteland Extensive collection organized by topic  (2-12)
Thesaurus. com Type in the word and synonyms will be returned  (2-12)
Yahoo Reference Links to dictionaries, thesauruses,  quotations, libraries and more (3-12)
Who2? for Students Find biographical information  


Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Information on the people, places, and events of yesterday and today (4-12)
Columbia Encyclopedia Contains over 51,000 entries with more than 80,000 hypertext cross-references (4-12) Searchable encyclopedia  (2-12)
Wikipedia Wide range of information and resources (2-12)  

School / Homework Help

A Research Guide for Students Tools for students to conduct research and to present their findings including search engines; writing and style guides; access to virtual  libraries; and more (8-12)
A+ Research and Writing Resources for writing a research paper (7-12)
Basic Steps in the Research Process Includes selecting a research topic; making source cards; finding information within sources; writing a statement of purpose; brainstorming research questions; writing a thesis statement; citing sources; writing a conclusion, etc.  (7-12)
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Homework help  (K-12)
Bill Nye the Science Guy Many science resources  (3-8)
Calculators Includes date and time, finance, geography (driving, flight), math, science
Citation Machine  Fill in the blank format for creating a bibliography; the site then assembles the bibliography  (4-12)
Create a Graph Easily create many types of graphs and save as a picture file to use in your document  (K-12)
Easy Bib A website dedicated to helping writers create bibliographies; MLA and APA publications manual (3-12)
GeoNet Practice your geography skills  (4-12)
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay Step-by-step instructions for writing a basic report (7-12)
Homework High Resources for completing homework  (9-12)
How To Study Tips on test taking, note taking, managing study time, building vocabulary and more (5-12)
How to Research

Interactive site which uses a step-by-step approach to teach students how to research  (3-6)

Internet Public Library Topics include computers, sports, art and music, and much more  (K-6)
Learning Express Library Learning resources and tools categorized into elementary, middle school and high school (K-12)
Map Machine National Geographic site; view and print any map in the world  (3-12)
Shmoop:  Study Guides Study guides and resources for literature; U.S. history; poetry (7-12)
QuizHub Educational games, puzzles, and quizzes for middle school students   (7-8)
The Why Files Well-researched topics in science; a new story every other week; scientific images  (4-12)
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