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Family and Consumer Science

Child Development
Clothing and Textiles
Etiquette and Manners
Financial Literacy    |    Personal Finance
Food Preparation
Health and Nutrition
Home and Garden
Understanding Yourself and Your Family


Family and Consumer Science Power Points PowerPoint Presentations and interactive activities
General Electric Appliance and lighting news; history of appliance innovation (9-12)
Glencoe online for students Resources that support the FAC textbook by Glencoe (9-12)
Glencoe online for teachers Resources that support the FAC textbook by Glencoe (9-12)
Hair Mixer Hairstyle mixer; upload photo and try a hairstyle (9-12)
Heloise Handy Household Hints; how to clean up just about anything (9-12)
Maytag History of Maytag company (9-12)
Retroland Fashion, food, etc. of yesteryear
Old Wash Washing machine museum (7-12)
The Hair Botique Search thousands of hairstyle photos (7-12)
The Secret Life of Machines How different machines work (7-12)
What the World Eats What the world eats, food expenditures (4-12) arrow

Child Development

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting Information about about caring for kids (7-12)
Child Development Institute Overview of child development from birth to five years of age (9-12)
How a Child Develops Information regarding child development ages 0-5 years (9-12)
So You Wanna Babysit... Information about babysitting an infant (7-12)
Teens Love to Know Information about babysitting (7-12) arrow

Clothing and Textiles 

Color Matters Explore how color affects all parts of our world   (4-12) 
Costume Gallery Tour of various fashion trends through the decades  (7-12)
Elements of Design: Value and Color Color theory for graphics students; includes color wheel and other useful links (9-12)
Fabrics.Net Information about a variety of fabrics (7-12)
FabricLink "The Educational Resource for Fabrics, Apparel, Home Furnishings and Care"; Handy References and Tips  (7-12)
Fashion Era Contains 250 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History (7-12)
How Stuff Works How a sewing machine works (7-12)
Label Talk Understanding care labels and instructions; educator section includes laundry and dry cleaning information  (5-12)
Poynter Color, contrast and dimension (7-12) Projects, lessons, tips and trends, links, Teen Seams  (5-12)
Information and handouts on sewing, educators section (9-12)
Sewing Room Online sewing instructor (7-12)
Simplicity Patterns and sewing advice (7-12) Online home of Vogue (9-12)
Singer Sewing Machine site Products, sewing resources, designs and projects (7-12)
Textiles Think Quest project by students and teachers of the Singapore Chinese Girl's School about the history, production and properties of cotton, wool and silk.
What Not to Wear Fashion challenge quiz, puzzles, shopping quiz (9-12) arrow

Etiquette and Manners

Emily Post Includes suggestions for using etiquette everyday as well as demonstrates how to set a table (K-12)
General Manners for Kids and Parents Information and activities about manners. (4-8)
How to Improve Table Manners Online and printable tips to improve table manners (1-12) arrow
Manners International Question and answers for table manners and dinning etiquette  (4-12)
Napkin Folding The art of folding napkins for the dinner table (9-12)

Financial Literacy

Consumer Jungle An interactive program to help high school students become savvy consumers; includes a teacher section (7-12)
Hands on Banking Money skills you need for life (4-12)
Jump Start Reality Check Online challenge for students to get a preview of the "real world"  (7-12)
Money and Personal Finance Teach and learn basic money skills, need to register (7-12)
Personal Finance Technology Integration Personal Finance web page
Practical Money Skills for Life Online money curriculum/spending plans  (4-12) arrow

Food Preparation  

Alenka's Printables Recipe card maker (7-12)
Apollo's Templates Recipe card maker (7-12)
Bread 101 Quick bread making reference (7-12) Recipe search (7-12)
Cook's Thesaurus Thesaurus for ingredients, kitchen tools, descriptions, synonyms and suggested substitutions  (7-12)
Cooking Terms - Tips about spices, common measurements, abbreviations and cooking terms  (6–12)
Every Day Life Skills for everyday life (cooking) (K-12) need to register
Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian Smithsonian National Museum of American History (Requires Flash Player) (7-12)
Kids Cooking          Interactive site about educating kids about cooking  (3–8)
Learn Alberta Interactive lessons about food safety (9-12)
Meals for You Search or plan a meal knowing the nutritional value  (6–12)
Microsoft Templates Recipe Cards (7-12)
My Food-a-pedia Quick access to find calories or compare foods on the food pyramid (K-12)
Science of Cooking Explore recipes, activities, and Webcasts that will enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking (7-12)
Recipe Conversion Online Calculator Converts recipe ingredient quantities  (7-12) arrow
1001 Recipes Recipes from different countries (7-12)
African Cookbook International African recipes (7-12)
All Recipes Cooking, recipe exchange, holiday recipes, dining in (7-12)
All Recipes UK Ireland International recipes (7-12)
All Recipes Canada International Canadian recipes (7-12)
A Culinary World Tour International recipes (7-12)
Better Homes and Gardens Desserts, chicken, crock pot, easy (7-12)
Betty Crocker Recipes and Easy Meal Finder (7-12)
BBC Search recipes by chef or program (7-12)
Carribean Choice International, Caribbean (7-12) Recipes, potluck, conversions, cook times (7-12)
CopyKat Recipes Favorite, seasonal, quick and easy (7-12)
European Cuisines European recipes; links by region (7-12)
Easy Breezy Recipes Quick and easy recipes (7-12)
Food Network Recipes and healthy eating, 30 minute meals (7-12)
Food Network Canada Recipes and healthy eating, 30 minute meals (7-12)
Good Food Channel Recipes United Kingdom (7-12)
Japanese Food Japanese dishes, ingredients and restaurants(7-12)
Latin American Recipes Recipes from Latin America by country of origin (7-12) arrow
Kitchen Safety 
Disaster Kitchen Interactive site to locate 13 hazardous situations in the kitchen  (K-8)
FDA Page United States Food and Drug Administration; links to a food safety quiz and other links to promote a healthy lifestyle  (3–8)
Kitchen Safety Kitchen safety tips from a chef  (6–12) arrow

Health and Nutrition

American Egg Board Many resources on eggs  (K-12)
BAM - Body and Mind Questions and answers for a healthy body and mind  (3–8)
Create a Plate Fit Nation, create a plate and learn about calories and nutrition (7-9)
Department of Agriculture for Kids Information and activities including George Washington Carver coloring book, Food Pyramid, and Nature Watch  (1-12)
Dietitians of Canada Provides personalized feedback to help achieve healthy eating and active living goals  (7–12)
Discovery Health Information about healthy living (9-12)
Dole Provides information about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables   (K–12)
Food and Drink Federation British Food Industry information  (9–12)
Food Timeline Links to social history, manners and menus  (7-12)
Healthy Body Calculator Interactive calculator to determine if you have a healthy body  (6–12)
Healthy Refrigerator            Information about healthy eating to prevent heart disease  (3–12)
Interactive Kitchen  (Kraft) Find recipes, tips, or ask a question  (7-12)
Meal Planner Department of Health and Human Services - Interactive calculator to determine calories, fat and carbohydrates consumed in each meal  ((K-6)
Mindless Eating Quiz, videos, teacher toolbox to go along with the book "Mindless Eating" (9-12)
My Pyramid USDA's website with information, nutrition plans, and games using the new food pyramid (K-12)
Nutrition Café Interactive nutrition games  (3–12)
Nutrition Data Provides nutrition facts, calorie counts and nutrient data for all foods and recipes  (6–12)
Nutrition Explorations Suggestions for teaching nutrition, food riddles, and food groups; sponsored by the National Dairy Council  (K-12)
Nutrition on the Web for Teens Type in age and gender and find out  your RDA; information on exercise, myths, teen health, recipes; interactive section includes nutrition calculators, a diet planner, nutri-quiz  (7-12)
Portion Distortion Nutrition Power Points about how eating habits have changed over the past 20 years  (9–12)
Smart Mouth

Learn how to eat well and resist the food industry's marketing campaigns (6-12)

Teens Health  Answers and advice for teens  (6–12) arrow

Home and Garden

Armstrong Virtual design tools to design a room (7-12)
Better Homes and Garden Interactive Arrange-a-Room activity (7-12)
Bob Vila Home decorating and remodeling (7-12)
Color Matters How color effects us (7-12)
Decorate Learn the names of house furnishings (7-12)
E-How Home and Garden An in-depth guide to home improvement with advice (7-12)
HGTV Home decorating (7-12)
Home BBC site, links to many home ideas (7-12)
Home Guide 123 Videos and articles about home improvements
House Plans Large collection of online house plans to search by design features and architectural styles (9-12)
House Beautiful Information about home design, videos (9-12)
Interior Design Photos Variety of photographs from Filipino Interior Designers Group Photos, identifying features and background information on many of architectural styles found in the U.S. (9-12)
Room Review Information about designing a room (9-12)
Sherwin-Williams Design Tools Interactive tools for choosing colors and other designing ideas  (7-12) arrow

Understanding Yourself and Your Family 

American Family Create a family tree (9-12)
Body Language Signals Quiz and information (9-12)
Girl's Health Help for girls to learn about health, growing up, and issues they may face (5-11)
How Stuff Works Understanding family structures and dynamics (7-12)
It's My Life Family, friends, birth order, school, body, emotions (7-12)
Learning Style Quiz Quiz to determine learning style (7-12)
Jung Typology Test Personality test (9-12) arrow
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