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Bernoulli's Principal Animated version of Bernoulli's principle  (9-12)
Good Character Responsibility activities and information  (9-12)
Great Military Leaders Biographies of great commanders during World War I  (9-12)
Leadership Ethics and Command Central Information about military leadership  (9-12)
JROTC Leadership Education PowerPoints, Instructor's Guide, Student Workbook and Answer Key (9-12)
Military Learn about the benefits of the service  (9-12)
Military Theories Information about military theories and strategies  (9-12)
My Future Careers in the Military  (9-12)
NASA-Newton Newton's three laws of motion  (9-12)
ROTC Information about scholarships, careers, college life etc.  (9-12)
US Air Force Official link of the United States Air Force  (9-12)
US Citizenship Becoming a citizen of the United States  (9-12)
US Department of State International issues, history, education, culture and more  (9-12)
US Immigration Becoming a citizen of the United States  (9-12)
White House United States issues, news, policies, National Security Council, etc.  (9-12) arrow


Air Traffic Control Flight Center Real time airport status  (9-12)
Amazing Airplanes Information about many different airplanes  (9-12)
Amelia Earhart Biography of Amelia Earhart  (9-12)
Aviation History Museum Museum of flight, includes photos, biographies and more  (9-12)
Chuck Yeager Life of Chuck Yeager  (9-12)
FAA Teen Pages Aviation activities to make or do  (9-12)
Flight Deck Simulations Learn about the flight deck controls of different planes and jets (9-12)
Flight Simulator Navigation Basics of navigation  (9-12)
Human Physiology in Space Information and review question about humans in space  (9-12)
Military Aviation History ThinkQuest Aviation history  (9-12)
NASA Official site of NASA Space Center  (9-12)
NASA Remembrance A Day of Remembrance for Apollo, the Challenger and the Columbia (9-12)
NASA  US Air Force History of the Air force and NASA  (9-12)
Rolls Royce Journey through a jet engine (9-12)
WWI Aviation A pictorial issue of WWI Aviation  (9-12)
Wright Brothers A virtual museum of Pioneer Aviation  (9-12) arrow


President's Council of Physical Fitness and Sports Health, physical activity, fitness and sports information website of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (K-12) arrow


National Weather Service Forecast Office National digital forecast database (9-12) arrow
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