Summer Reading


Contact Person : Mr. Robert Petrillo, English Supervisor (856) 589-8500 ext. 7257


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Grade 9   

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12



Requirements for all grade levels:

  • All students are expected to obtain the necessary books to fulfill the requirements. 

  • Limited copies are available to borrow from the WTHS IMC and the Margaret Heggan Library.

  • Those students going into AP English 12 or AP Prep English 11 are asked to obtain books and assignments directly from Mr. Valerio (12) or Mr. Lawler (11) before school lets out for the summer.

The summer reading must be completed before the first day of school in September.  All students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of their summer reading through an assessment in the early part of September. 

The English teacher will provide students with specific instructions about the evaluation of their reading selection(s).  Most initial assessments, however, will be of an objective nature (multiple choice, true-false, matching, fill-in-the blanks).  Some may include a short, open-ended written response. 

Students will also be evaluated based upon completion of a mini-unit to be conducted by each teacher during the first weeks of school in September.  The total value of the summer reading assignment will equal approximately 10%-15% of their first marking period grade.

Our suggestion is to begin reading towards the middle of summer so that the book will still be fresh in your mind when you take the reading check assessment.  Those students who will be tested on multiple books

(AP English 12, AP Prep 11 and Honors English 9) will obviously have to start sooner than the middle of the summer, so try to time the reading as best you can.


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