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Mrs. Tina DePaul

The second graders in Room 104 are excited to welcome 2017!  We all made New Year's Resolutions to achieve something that will make us happy!  If you are in the building, look at our work hanging in the hallway.   

Writing:  The boys and girls continue to impress us with their non-fiction writing skills during Writer’s Workshop.  We just finished up our first bend in non-fiction writing.  The children learned the structure for writing a five chapter book on something they know a lot about!  The next bend teaches the kids to write non-fiction chapter books while keeping their audience in mind. 


Reading: We are loving our new Non-Fiction Unit for reading.  The children are learning about all the different text features non-fiction books offer.  Our reading groups and the Daily 5 will continue.  The children are working very hard with their new skills they are learning!


Fundations:  We are continuing to work on open syllable types.  We are learning all the different sounds y makes.  The  Please see the homework packets that come home each week for more information.  Don’t forget to practice trick words!


Math:  We are just beginning unit 5 this month.  The children will be learning to count money and make change.  They will also be learning how to read a thermometer and solve addition and subtraction number stories using different diagrams. 


Science:  We finished up our chapter on Natural Resources and we are starting our chapter on weather and space! Fun!!


Happy Birthday

Janasia on Nov. 8th

Jacob D. on Nov. 25th

Aiden on Dec. 14th

Jason on Dec. 16th