Mrs. Michelle  Mitchell

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Mathematics, Rutgers University Education

Mrs. Michelle Mitchell



 IN THE Summer !!

As we head into the summer months don't forget to practice your MATH !  Each student in grades 1 - 4 will receive a Math summer packet.  This is voluntary but comes with a great surprise in September if completed.  You may complete one assignment or all three. Each assignment has its own surprise.

You will find :

1.  Summer Math Calendar- Return completed to Room 11 by September 5th

2.  Xtra Math summer enrollment flyer.  This letter explains how to link a student account to a home email.  Each time you practice, color a stripe on the rocket and bring the completed rocket to room 11 by September 5th.

3.  Your child's First In Math password.  Use the online program for at least 10 minutes a day for ten days in July and August and bring the beach ball/ sand bucket handout colored to room 11 by September 5th.