Mr. Todd Oberholtzer

Phone: (856) 589-8500 X9249


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Rutgers UniversityGraduate: Rowan University

Mr. Todd Oberholtzer

   Mr. O has been a world history teacher at Washington Township High School for the last 27 years, teaching both Honors and CP World History and Cultures. Utilizing an inquiry approach and infusions of digital technology, Mr. O delivers lessons on the development and evolution of civilization that links the ancient past to the present and provides insights into the future of mankind.
   World History & Cultures is really the history of the modern world. We will recap and review the ancient civilizations and then start with the Renaissance and run right on into the present. We will explore topics in history utilizing economics, anthropology, sociology, political science and other social science disciplines. Students will learn the appropriate social science terms, explore the various social science disciplines and examine history from every angle. 

     Mr. O has created a number of technical tools and online resources for students to access as part of the class. Students should make perusal of this page a daily activity. This website is a portal to the resources and activities of the class.

     It is expected that students will apply themselves and take advantage of all the opportunities that Mr. O provides. Mr. O is flexible with homework and will take late work upon request. Mr. O also allows students to retest and requiz to improve their grades. Students are responsible for accessing this opportunity. The foundational philosophy that undergirds the class is the access to opportunity. Students have an almost unlimited array of opportunities to succeed. However, it is up to the student to take advantage of the opportunities provided! 
A musician who performs locally, Mr. O is a rock music encyclopedia on two legs.He utilizes music with every lesson!

The Freshman Transition Program will be run in K-212 on the following dates:

9/20 – Training Field Trip (120 juniors and seniors)

Classroom sessions through World History on Mondays:









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