Text Book

  • 6th Grade Social Studies classes use an online textbook which can be accessed using the link below.

    History Alive! The Ancient World

    Helpful features of the online text:
    • audio text
    • main ideas highlighted
    • new vocabulary defined (click on bold words to see definition)
    • ability to take notes within the online textbook 
    NOTE: To access all features of the online text, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Firefox. A number of features will not work if you use the Internet Explorer browser.

    You can download Google Chrome for free here

    To use the online text:
    • Click on the link above. 
    • Click student sign-in in the top right-hand corner
    • enter the teacher email address: jjupin@wtps.org 
    • Student usernames are the first initial of the first name and lastname (same as computer login)
    • Student password is their lunch PIN
    • Select the chapter from the table of contents, then use the drop-down menu or the previous/next links in the right-hand corner above the text to navigate through the sections.