•  20 plants you can grow at home from "scraps"  - renewable or nonrenewable??

    For Science Early Finishers:

    There's something inspiring on Wonderville.org and thought it might spark your curiosity, too! Wonderville.org is an award-winning online destination for interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) resources and fun activities.  Students may play the games and watch the videos below.

    Check it out: 

     Plants and Nanotechnology

     Wonderville Maple Leaf 

     Wonderville Solar Energy Defenders  

     Wonderville Waste Avengers 

     Wonderville How We Hear 

     Just Look Natural


    ***Show me by creating a model and explaining how matter is made of particles too small to be seen.

     Matter Models Movie


     welcome back

    Welcome to

    5th grade

    What should my desk look like?

    What should my desk look like?


     If you were absent OR you did not have all your folders, please lable them the following:

    World Language


    Spelling Connections



    Cursive Practice

    5 Subject Spiral Notebooks:

    Science (Interactive Science Notebook)

    Social Studies

    If you are in READ 180, you may only have 1 folder for Reading, Writing, & Spelling. Please check with Mrs. Seiler.

    GREEN communication folder: This folder has student calendar and student schedule on the covers.  Students are NOT to use this folder for any accademic work unless specifically give permission by a teacher.  Each subject has its own folder or notebook, so use them appropriately.

    no water bottles  


    Hey Families! Can you help me earn supplies for science? Check this out! Informational flyers will be sent home!



    Look what we found in our butterfly garden!

    caterpillar 1  caterpillar 2
     These are monarch butterfly caterpillars. They are quite large now, so soon they will be forming their chrysalises.  Monarchs are super special; they ONLY plant the caterpillars eat and adult butterflies lay eggs on are milk weed. Unfortunately, people are cutting it down and treating it like a weed.  Please don't! You can see the leaf and the pod.  Soon the pod will open and release the seeds so new milk weed can grow!
     Check it out! 



    important info
    • All students should have ear buds with them in class. Five below has inexpensive buds perfect for what we need. Please put them in a clear sandwich bag with your child's full name and homeroom teacher written on it. 
    • Students are also expected to carry a small box of crayons or colored pencils (6-8 colors will do) in their pencil cases in binders.  
    • We are in full swing and supplies are VERY important each day!
    • Please help your child take care of his/her binder. NEVER throw papers away, but maybe help organize folders he/she is having some difficulty.  Please do not keep IDR books, math journals, or other books in the binders.  It fills up and gets very crowded in there.