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    Welcome to Fifth Grade Everyday Mathematics.   math

    It is part of an elementary school mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics

     Everyday Mathematics offers students a broad background in mathematics. Several features of the program are described below to help familiarize you with the structure and expectations of Everyday Mathematics:

    A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations

    By making connections between their own knowledge and their experiences, both in school and outside of school, students learn basic math skills in meaningful contexts so that the mathematics becomes “real”

    Frequent practice of basic skills instead of practice presented in a single, tedious drill format

     Students practice basic skills in a variety of more engaging ways
     In addition to completing daily review exercises covering a variety of topics, patterning on the number grid,  and working with multiplication and division fact families in different formats, students will play games  that are specifically designed to develop basic skills

    Online Access to Family Letters:  We are using the second edition.




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