• Colonization and Settlement Vocabulary:


    1. charter – a document given by the government to new colonies; it tells about the colonies’ rights


    2. Roanoke Island:  Island off the coast of North Carolina, site of England’s first attempt at a permanent settlement, known as the “Lost Colony.”


    3.JamestownFirst permanent English colony in North America, founded in 1607, located in eastern Virginia.


    4.pilgrim: Person who travels to a new place for religious reasons.


    5.Mayflower Compact: Plan of government written by the Pilgrims who sailed on theMayflower.


    6. Puritans: Group of people who wanted to “purify” the Church of England.  They established the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630.



    7. House of Burgesses: Law making assembly in colonial Virginia- example of self-government.


    8. cash crop: Crop grown to be sold for profit $


    9. plantations – Large pieces of land where crops were grown for money


    10. artisan: Skilled worker who makes things


    11apprentice: Young  person who learns a skill from a more experienced worker.


    12. indentured servant: Person who agreed to work for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of the voyage to North America


    13.slavery – Practice of owning people and forcing them to work


    14.triangular trade route: Name given to trade route between the 13 Colonies,  Europe, the West Indies, and Africa; included the slave trade. 


    15. Middle Passage – The middle part of trip across the ocean on slave ships that involved the transportation of slaves to America.