angry computer
  • For many teachers, using technology in the classroom can be an added stressor when the technology they are using doesn't work.

    The most important thing to remember about troubleshooting when it comes to computers is to stay calm. Getting frustrated and upset will only make your technology experience worse. I have included a few things here that may help in solving your problem.

    If you have tried everything that YOU know to fix your technology issue, remember to ask for "Help".
    *Ask the kids (they expect to know more than you about technology...after all, they are the "Computer Generation"). It's okay to let them know that you don't know how to fix the problem. I tell them in every Computer class that it is impossible to know everything about technology and computers.  
    *Ask Google. (He is my bff!)
    *Ask another teacher. (Two heads are better than one!)
    *Ask the Computer teacher!  
    *Ask the Help Desk! (They actually DO know everything about technology between all of them! Just don't tell the kids!) 
    Just keep using the really is worth every Grrrrrrr!  

    CTRL Shortcuts from A-Z:

    CTRL + A = Select text
    CTRL + B = Bold text
    CTRL + C = Copy text
    CTRL + D = Open font formatting window
    CTRL + E = Center text
    CTRL + F = Find a phrase
    CTRL + G = Go To a specific page or bookmark
    CTRL + H = Replace text with another text or replace text with different formatting
    CTRL + I = Italicize text
    CTRL + J = Justify text
    CTRL + K = Open Insert Hyperlink window
    CTRL + L = Left align text
    CTRL + M = Indent a paragraph from the left
    CTRL + N = Open new Word document
    CTRL + O = Open an existing Word document
    CTRL + P = Print Word document
    CTRL + Q = Remove paragraph formatting
    CTRL + R = Right align text
    CTRL + S = Save Word document
    CTRL + T = Create a hanging indent
    CTRL + U = Underline text
    CTRL + V = Paste text
    CTRL + W = Close Word document
    CTRL + X = Cut text
    CTRL + Y = Redo an action previously undone OR repeat an action
    CTRL + Z = Undo a previous action