• Welcome to Television Production

  • Advanced Television Production is a 5 credit course that is available to students in grade 10-12 who have successfully completed Introduction to TV Production.

    Technical skills and creative abilities developed in Introduction to TV production will be further refined and developed in Advanced Television Production. Complex student productions are expected to be technically, conceptually and artistically proficient. Highly polished final products will be the result of student research, writing, planning and working in a collaborative environment. Students enrolled in this course must be able to employ the design/problem solving loop to solve contemporary production problems. This course is designed to provide students with hands on experiences to advance their skills using video and audio tools and equipment. Students will concentrate on advanced video and audio editing techniques in combination with multiple software packages to create authentic productions. Students will learn studio lighting, multiple camera shoots, audio mixing, 
    technical direction, and rundown assembly. The course stresses completion of a digital portfolio of intensive television and radio projects that demonstrate technical skills in video and audio career pathways. Producing audio and video at an accomplished level will prepare students for the Monthly Rewind, which will further advance skill sets in the television and radio industry. Students will be exposed to management practices for television and radio broadcasts.Students completing (752) Animation with a final grade of 85 or higher may be given consideration to enroll in this course upon the instructor’s review of the student’s portfolio.
  • Contact: Kristen Dirato at kdirato@wtps.org or 856-589-8500 ext. 7509