Chapter 5A Objectives:

    - Describe families

    - Talk about celebrations and parties

    - Ask and tell ages

    - Express possession

    - Understand cultural perspectives on family and celebrations


    Previous Chapter Objectives:

    Chapter 7A Objectives:

    - Talk about clothes, shopping, and prices
    - Describe your plans

    - Talk about what you want and what you prefer

    - Point out specific items

    - Understand cultural perspectives on shopping

    Chapter 6B Objectives

    - Identify rooms in a house

    - Name household chores

    - Tell where you live

    - Understand cultural perspectives on different types of housing

    Chapter 6A Objectives:

    -Talk about your bedroom

    -Describe bedroom items and electronic equipment

    -Make comparisons

     -Understand cultural perspectives on homes

    Chapter 5B Objectives:

    -Talk about family celebrations

    -Describe family members and friends

    -Ask politely to have something brought to you

    -Order a meal in a restaurant

    -Understand cultural perspectives on family celebrations