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    le 2 mars


    Introduction to French-Semester I
    No user name or password needed. Students will use a keyword to access practice activities and other ancillary materials.
    Students will receive information on how to access this website as soon as it becomes available.
    There is a major assessment/test (speaking) scheduled for Friday, March 6. Students will receive detailed instructions on Monday, March 2. Please referred to Unified Classroom for further details.
    Unit 1.1 Goal:
    All About Me, Salut les Copains/Making Friends

    Students will be able to:

    •   Exchange greetings and courtesies in the appropriate manner depending on who is addressed.

    •   Design and describe their ideal classroom.

    •   Use sequenced information, such as the alphabet, days of the week, months, seasons and numbers

      0-100 in context.

    •   Spelling words aloud using the French alphabet and diacritical marks. 

     Unit 2 Title: All About Me - Qu’est-ce qui te plait? / Likes and Dislikes
    Unit Description: Students learn to name various activities that they and their peers may like or dislike. They express the degree to which thr assessment/test is scheduled for Friday, January 23. Refer to Unified Classroom for further details.ey like each of the activities and how often they participate in them. Students learn about activities that are common in French culture, including dance and sports. They read about and discuss how technology has influenced French culture. 
    Students will be able to recognize or recall academic vocabulary including:  Ask and tell about likes and dislikes.  Tell how often one engages in activities.  Tell how well one engages in activities.  Agree and disagree with people’s statements relating to likes and dislikes.  Use sentences that contain definite articles.  Make statements that use singular and plural nouns, including irregular plurals.  Tell where things take place, including contractions with à.  Make more complex sentences by joining simple statements together with conjunctions.  Ask questions in various formats, especially with est-ce que.



     2.1 Qu'est qui te plaît?

    Determine that you can access the digital text book using the MY.HRW.com website.
    Review the Back to School Powerpoint to familiarize yourself with classroom policies and procedures.