• Chestnut Ridge Middle School

    Physical Education


    The ultimate purpose of Physical Education is to guide the early adolescent into being physically active for a lifetime.
    Students have Physical Education for three marking periods and Health Education for one marking period every year.  
    They have PE class four days a week and one day is their study hall day.  At the end of each unit they will take a written test in their study hall.
    Students need to change into appropriate physical education clothes prior to their PE class.  They are not permitted to wear what they wore to school.  Every child is assigned a locker with a master lock attached.  


    In Physical Education your child's grade is broken down in the following manner:

    Preparation and Participation 50%
    (being dressed daily for class and doing your very best during class) 

    Skill Tests & Game Play  35%

    Written Test  15%


    First time not dressed (-5)
    Second time not dressed (-5)
    Third time not dressed (-5)
    Fourth time + not dressed (-10)