• Keyboarding

    Keyboarding students complete all of their work through the website EduTyping.com  The goal of the keyboarding course is to teach students the proper keyboarding technique while improving their speed and accuracy. Keyboarding is an important life skill every student will need in the future. While your child is working at home please encourage them to demonstrate proper technique. This includes:
    • Sitting up straight with feet flat on the floor
    • Fingers on the homerow (asdfjkl;)
    • Eyes on the screen (no looking down) 
    In order for your child to break old keyboarding habits they will need to constantly practice proper technique even when not working in this class. Therefore, it is important for you to continually encourage them to practice proper technique at all times.
    Students will be expected to complete four two part lessons each week. Typically Fridays are used as a day for student's that have fallen behind to catch up and those who have not fallen behind to practice their technique. However, it is important that students work to get caught up as soon as they fall behind. Once a student falls more than one lesson behind it becomes very difficult for them to catch up. 
    As students are learning the keys (Unit 1 Lessons), their focus should be on technique and accuracy. Once they have learned all the keys, completed Unit 1, they will shift their focus to increasing speed without losing technique and accuracy. The key to keyboarding success is practice, practice, practice! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me cdowdell@wtps.org



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