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    Financial Literacy 

  • Financial Literacy in the 21st Century (699)                                          Grade 11-12 5 credits / 5 ppw

    Students will demonstrate understanding about how the economy works and their own role in the economy, and also develop the necessary skills to effectively manage personal finances. This course outlines the process for valuable financial planning, including where to start, what types of budgets to prepare, and how to make budgeting a value-added activity. Areas of study include money management; credit and debt management; planning, saving and investing; becoming a critical consumer; risk management and insurance; and civic financial responsibility. This course satisfies the high school financial literacy requirement.


    Everything will be turned in and assigned a point value which will reflect how much it is factored into your grade.  This course is graded under Total Points.

    A.    Quizzes                             15%

    B.     Class Work                      30%

    C.     Tests                                 20%

    D.    Projects                             20%

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