• Las Reglas de la Clase

    • Arrive on time. 3 times late equals a detention
    • Arrive prepared to class: textbook covered, notebook, Homework.
    • No gum chewing. Must throw in trash as you enter. 3 Times equals detention.
    • No cell phones in class. Must remain in your locker. Will be retrieved and given to an administrator
    • No putting on make up, lotion or perfume during class. Allergies among students!
    • Raise your hand when you speak.
    • Be respectful or your classmates and teacher.

    Classroom Procedures

    • Place your Homework on top of your desk as you enter.
    • Begin the wram up activity as per guided on the board
    • Participate actively during classroom activities
    • Must remain quiet during individual work and class lecture
    • Group work: refrain from having conversations not related to the topic. Otherwise you will be assigned independent work.
    • must clean up anything on floor around you
    • the teacher will dismiss you and not te bell

    Classroom Expectations

    • Daily HW assignments to reinforce the language: 15 minutes
    • Weekly quizzes: vocabulary, grammar, culture. Usually Fridays.
    • Oral assessments in group or independently.
    • Tests every 2 to 3 weeks: listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar, culture.
    • Group projects: some time will be given in class to work together.
    • Individual projects
    • Role playing and acting out using Spanish in class
    • Singing Spanish
    • Cultural presentations in English
    • Cooking demonstrations, celebrations and Fun Food Friday!! Only if the class has earned it!!
    • To have FUN!!

    Classroom Consequences

    1st time Teacher warning

    2nd time teacher warning and call home

    3rd time call home and teacher detention

    4th time call home and administrative detention and classroom removal

    ***It is up to the teacher's discretion and authority to determine which step to apply according to the circumstances. Teacher may revert to step 4 or 3 at any given time.