• Welcome to Monthly Rewind

  • Monthly Rewind is a 5 credit course that is available to students in grade 11-12 who have successfully completed an application process.

    Students enrolled in this Program have an opportunity to participate and develop advanced laboratory and production activities. The purpose of this course is to engage students in inquiry-based learning activities by linking educational studies with professional practices. Students must be self-motivated and willing to meet rigorous deadlines consistent with professional expectations. Students will be required to work independently, as well as in large groups, and keep a portfolio of his/her completed activities which will be incorporated in the cumulative assessment process. Students will be assessed through their application of audio and video broadcasting knowledge and skills that are aligned to broadcast journalism. 
    Prerequisite: Eligibility based on grades in previous communications courses 
    and application process.
  • Contact: Kristen Dirato at kdirato@wtps.org or 856-589-8500 ext. 7509