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    President Barak Obama said in his debate the following about learning another language:

    "I think that every student should be learning a second language. ... I want to make sure that children who are coming out of Spanish-speaking households have the opportunity to learn and are not falling behind. If bilingual education helps them do that, I want to give them the opportunity. But I also want to make sure that English-speaking children are getting foreign languages because this world is becoming more interdependent and part of the process of America's continued leadership in the world. It is going to be our capacity to communicate across boundaries, across borders, and that's something frankly where we've fallen behind."

    10. To keep up with the pace of popular culture:

    music, artists, movies, food, etc

    9. It's a medical device!

    Research says that learning another language reduces chance of having Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. It improves your memory and makes you smarter!

    It enhances your critical thinking skills and it stimulates creativity!

    8.It's become a buisness necessity:

    Hispanic consumers are the fastest growing market. 400 million people speak Spanish! It becomes useful in working with healthcare, education and buisness.

    7.Spanish is everywhere!:

    40 million Hispanics live in the USA by 2015 will reach 50 million!

    Hispanics are the fastest growing minority. In Europe is the second most popular language. Is the fourth most important language in the world. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and is spoken in 4 continents!

    6.It expands your Universe:

    most likely you will marry into a Spanish family, have spanish neighbors and friends, work with Spanish people.

    5.Transform your travel experience:

    If you travel to a Spanish country, your experience will be completely different if you immerse yourself in the language and culture of the place you visit. Reading menus, signs, and talking to local people is more fun than just staying in a confined ressort. Become and active participant!

    4. To help others:

    Some spanish speaking countries have regions where they need people to participate in volunteer work, such as hospitals, schools, clinics, etc.

    3. Spanish is the easiest language to learn:

    because it's a phonetic language, meaning the letters are pronounced exactly the same as they are written. It makes it easier to learn a 3rd languge like Italian, Portuguese and French.

    2. To appreciate cultural contributions and history:

    United States has many cities where Spanish is spoken due to the influence of Spain in our history.  Many states found in US territory were colonized by Spain in the 1400's and later were sold from Mexico to the United States.

    1. Learning Spanish is fun!!:

    Spanish music, food, movies, travelling, books they all open your opportunities to have fun and become an interesting person!