Class Expectations

  • At this time I would like to reiterate the grading policy being used in class. For your information listed below is the breakdown of how your child’s grade is calculated:

                                                    Tests                                       50%

                                                    Quizzes                                   35%

                                                    Homework                              15%


     We usually will have two to three quizzes a month. Missed quizzes or tests should be made up promptly. Students will be given one day to make up missing work, for each they are absent. Homework is given four nights a week (Mon. –Thru.) Students will be submitting homework on-line this year. On occasion homework will be turned in during class time. Any homework that is not turned in or completed on time, students will receive a zero for that assignment. All work must be shown for full credit! Students participate in class by coming to class prepared and taking part in class discussion and when called upon.


    I am looking forward to a great year! I encourage students to ask questions and complete homework assignments daily. After school help is available until 3:10.