•  "every child is a winner when they try their very best!"

     Grading Procedures 
    All students are required to dress in appropriate physical education attire (shorts, tee shirt, white socks and sneakers).
    Sweat clothes are recommended for cooler weather.  For safety purposes, No Jewelry will be permitted during PE class. 
    Student Grading is based on students preparation, skills, knowledge of game rules and safety procedures. 
    50 %     Preparation and Participation
    35 %     Skills and game play
    15%      PE Written Test
    Unprepared for class results in loss of 5 points/first time   
                                                                -5 points /second time
                                                                -5 points/third time
                                                                -10 points/fourth time
    Parents will be contacted after 3rd unprepared .