• Hola y bienvenidos a clase de español!!

    Welcome to our  Spanish class for the year 2017-2018

    This year begins my 16th year teaching Spanish in Washington Township Public Schools.  I graduated from Rowan University in 2001 with a degree in Spanish and Secondary Education and a minor in French!! I was born in the cosmopolitan city of Mexico D.F and I moved to the United States after High School to pursue my education.  Not only Mexico is my second home but also is Puerto Rico, since I have many relatives living there!

    This year you will be learning a lot from those countries as well as the culture and traditions from other Spanish speaking countries, including the United States!

    I really enjoy teaching young students about Spanish and culture which brings me to share with you my other hobbies.  I love dancing flamenco and salsa.  Dancing has been a part of my life just like most Hispanics. I have danced flamenco with different flamenco dance companies and have performed several times in schools including ours in Washington Township. Therefore, don't miss out on the days we have fiestas and special events at our school where you can learn how to dance and learn new moves! 

    As you probably have seen in 6th grade, learning Spanish has become a little more challenging than your previous years.  We are using an onloine textbook and workbook called "Realidades", which incorporates language learning with interactive activities using CD's, videos, and computer websites and the use of technology in the classroom. I am proud to say that our school has one of the best World Language programs in the region.  We have availability to many resources for learning and making Spanish an interactive and fun language to learn.  Because of the demand of our modern day society and culture, my methodology of teaching includes the use of technology in and outside our classroom.


    Since language immersion is crucial for language learning, I speak Spanish in the classroom almost 100% of the time. This will become second nature to you as the year progresses. As additional reinforcement outside the classroom, all students are expected to complete daily homework assignments, study vocabulary flashcards every day, participate in class and follow class rules and procedures in order to have a successful year.

    I anticipate having a spectacular year and  look forward to hearing students having fun in la clase de español.

     cmarin-mojica@wtps.org  Extension 5207