• Comprehension strategies "good readers do":

    1. MakeConnections
    : Create a bridge from the new to the known, connecting the text to yourself, what you know about the world, and what you have read in other texts.

    2. Question: Ask questions as you read to enhance understanding, find answers, solve problems, find specific information,
    and so on.

    3. MakeInferences: Connect ideas or fill in information to make sense of unstated ideas.

    4. Visualize: Generate mental images to stimulate thinking and heighten engagement.

    5. Summarize: Synthesize and organize key information to identify main points and major themes, distinguish important from unimportant information, and enhance meaning.

    6. Monitor/Regulate: Pay attention to meaning, clarify or correct comprehension difficulties, or promote a problem-
    solving stance during reading.

    7. Evaluate: Make judgements about the text to form ideas and opinions, or determine the author's purpose