Notbook Set-Up

  • Notebook Guidelines

    Keep a copy of the classroom rules and procedures in front of your notebook.

    Section1 : Vocabulary

    A list of the Vocabulary for unit we Study.

    Keep all flash cards for topic quizzes and unit tests.

    5 points extra on assessments when you turn in flash cards on the day of a quiz/test.

     Section 2: Notes/Class work and Homework

    This section should include:

    • Any and all work you do for in class problems; Include words, charts, pictures, or anything else to show your thinking.
    • Any notes you take; write anything that will help you remember your thinking. These notes are for your reference as you solve in-class problems, answer homework questions, work on quizzes and prepare for test.
    • This section will include all check-ups, quizzes, and tests.

    Section 3: Assessment

            Keep all study guides, quizzes, and test

     Section 4: PARCC

    • Keep any PARCC related worksheet or reference pages.

     Section 5:Interventions

    • Keep all Intervention Journal pages from readiness assessments.


    Please do the following to help you organize your work and to make it easier for me to review your notebook:

    1. Date every entry and identify problems with problem numbers and the unit name.