• Homework

    Daily Homework Assignments:

    Please see your child's assignment book for exact assignments. Your child's assignment book is updated daily.

    Math – We use the Everyday Math program. Students will have a math practice worksheet most nights, Monday through Friday.  The worksheets will generally have "Home Link" written on them.
    Fundations – Fundations homework is given Monday through Friday. Students are to complete their Fundations homework in their Fundations notebook, which is sent home nightly. The students are given a Refrigerator List which contains the unit words we are working on. They are to use this list to complete their homework. The list can be found in the BEE Binder.

    Monday – Write the entire list three times.


    Tuesday – Write the list in alphabetical order.  Make sure you mark up the words. Remember you don't mark up trick words.


    Wednesday – Select at least seven words and use each word in a sentence.


    Thursday – Give your child a test using the words on the current list.


    Reading Log – Your child will bring home a reading log each Monday. They are to read each night. Please complete the reading log and return to school each Friday.