3rd Grade Supplies

    Sharpened Pencils

    Pencil Erasers

    Soft Zippered Pouch

    Kids Scissors

    8 Large Glue sticks

    24 pack of crayons

    24 pack of colored pencils

    4 highlighters 

    2 red pens

    2 packs of 4 dry erase markers

    Dry erase erasers

    2 boxes of tissues

    Hand wipes

    6 sturdy pocket folders with holes and no brads (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple)

    2 0 4 packs of post-it notes

    3 composition books

    Earbuds/Headphones in a ziplock bag or container with your name on it

    One 1 1/2 inch binder



    Wish List

    The following donations would be greatly appreciated throughout the year:



    *Dry Eraser Markers

    * Hand Sanitizer

    * Wipes

    * Glue Sticks

    * Ziplock bags