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    Physical Education
    Physical Education is designed to help students appreciate the value of physical activities.  The achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and the promotion of physical activity as valuable use of leisure time are the goals of the program.  Students will demonstrate basic motor ability, fundamental team and dual sport skills and increased levels of physical fitness. 

    Grading is based on student's preparation and class participation as well as knowledge and demonstration of rules, safety, skills, strategies, and interpersonal relationships.


    Grading for Physical Education
    50% Preparation & Participation
    35% Skill/Game Play Assessment

    15% Written Test

    Preparation & Participation

    Students must dress in appropriate physical education attire as noted on the
    Course Proficiency. Students must make a sincere effort to participate in
    class activities to the best of their ability

    Students start with 100 points in this category. Points will be deducted
    for the following reasons:

    ·         -5 = first, second & third time unprepared

    ·         -10 = fourth & additional times unprepared

    ·         -2 = inappropriate shirt or shorts (did participate in  class)        

    ·         -1,-2 or -3 = dressed for class but did not participate in class activities or did not put forth their best  effort               

    ·         -1 = did not remove jewelry ... safety

    ·         -1 = continuously late to squad and missing warm up activities (after 3rd time)

    Skill/Game Play assessments and written test are given at the end of each unit.
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