• PE Rules & Regulations

    Physical Education Rules and Regulations

    Required Dress for Physical Education Classes



          1.  Students must change for PE class from their clothes into their required PE class uniform.

          2.  The required PE uniform maybe purchased through the student store.This is the preferred uniform for maximum activity.

          3.   Sneakers* are the only approved foot wear.They are required for safety and protection of the indoor gymnasium floor. Black soled sneakers are not to be worn on the gym floors.Sneakers must have laces (no slip-on, Velcro, wheels or buckles) and have at least half inch soles (no soft-soles, no studs).

          4.   Socks must be worn with sneakers to avoid blisters and to absorb foot perspiration which contributes to fungal growths.

          5.   Gym shorts with elastic or drawstring waist in RED, WHITE, or ROYAL/NAVY BLUE (boxer-type) with your name printed inside for identification purposes in the event of a loss.  No spandex pants.  No one piece outfits.  No inside-out clothing.

          6.   Gym shirts (color T-shirt) in RED, WHITE, or ROYAL/NAVY BLUE.   No "muscle" shirts or undershirts.  No suggestive messages permitted on T-shirts.  WTHS or Washington Township High School is the only printing permitted on clothing.

          7.   Sweatshirts are recommended for outside gym classes.  Sweatpants of the elastic/drawstring type are recommended. No jeans.  If a student chooses to wear sweatpants/shirt, they must conform to the required school colors (Red, White r Blue).  No sweatpants or sweatshirts should be worn over school clothing.

          8.   NO JEWELRY IS TO BE WORN in physical education classes for safety reasons.

          9.   No food or drink is permitted in the gymnasium or health education classrooms.  NO GUM CHEWING for safety reasons.

          10.  Students are responsible for bringing in a combination lock to secure personal belongings during the physical education class period.


    Physical Education Class Attendance


    Physical education is required by New Jersey State Law.  Therefore, each student is required to have one hundred and fifty (150) minutes of physical education and/or health per week. Each student will be permitted to miss 2 classes per marking period due to short term illness or absence from school.  All other short term Illnesses supported by a medical note, under two weeks duration, must be made up.  The student will be required to make up medically excused days to avoid a reduction in grade.  A copy of the medical note must be presented to the teacher by the student for the day of the medical excuse. 

    Students involved in school related functions will be permitted up to two additional absences per marking period without point loss.  If not made up, each class missed will result in a 3-point deduction from the final marking period grade (i.e. 3 classes not made up will result in 9 points taken off the marking period grade.)


    On extended illnesses or injury, the student will be scheduled for adaptive physical education pending notification from the doctor.  The student has the responsibility to contact the school nurse for the proper medical forms and the student should return the medical note/forms within 10 school days.  The family doctors must fill out the appropriate forms identifying proper activity for the student.  The student will then be assigned to individualized physical education in the adaptive room for the remainder of the medical excuse.  These students will receive grades and credit for the course.  Students, who are assigned to study halls as a result of medical notes, will NOT receive credit for physical education.  This will result in a loss of 3 to 5 credits.

    Excessive absence due to suspension will be handled as an incomplete grade with an extension of two weeks to complete the requirements of the course if the suspension occurs in the last two weeks of the quarter. (Exception is the fourth quarter.)


    Lateness to Physical Education Class


    Any student who is more than 5 minutes late to class, as in any other class, will be considered as "cutting" the class and will be disciplined according to the policy.


    Disciplinary Actions Taken for Unprepared for Physical Education Class


    Any student not wearing the proper attire for physical education class (sneakers, athletic shorts, and colored T-shirt or a sweat suit when the weather is cool) will be considered "unprepared".

    1st Offense - Student will receive a 5 point grade deduction. This grade deduction can be made up by going to an assigned after school make-up period during the last two Friday's of the marking period.

    2nd Offense - The student will receive a 5 point grade deduction (no make-up).  A teacher-student conference will be held.  The teacher will send the departmental form home notifying the parent.

    3rd Offense - The student will receive a 10 point grade deduction (no make-up).  A conference will be held with the teacher, counselor, parent and student.

    4th Offense - The student will receive a 15 point grade reduction (no make-up). At this point the student willFAIL physical education for the marking period.   The student will receive an after school administrative detention for each unprepared for class from this point on.  Since the New Jersey State Law requires 150 minutes of health/physical education per week, the student who is continually unprepared is now in violation of the State Law.


    Being excessively absent and/or unprepared for class may result in failure of this required course. 


    The student must pass four years of physical education in order to meet graduationrequirements.


     A grade below 60 may not be made up in Summer School.