Reading Log

    Students will be given a "Reading Log Sheet" where they are to record what they read each night (4x per week). We are asking students to read for 15-20 minutes each night.


    "Take Home Books" will include selected text that students can read to themselves (or read to someone else completely indpendently) along with texts that can be read to them (from a family member or with guidance from a family member).



    As a part of the "Everyday Math" program, students will have homework called "Home Links" which are to be completed following a particular lesson. "Family Letters" will also be sent home to let you know what your child will be learning upon each unit.


    Word Study

    This year, students will be sent home with a list of words at the beginning of each spelling unit. This will also include information on the spelling pattern(s) as well as how students are to mark unit words. Students are urged to practice both TRICK words and UNIT words throughout the week (with a family member).


    **Other than practicing with family members, NO additional (formal) homework will be given. You may decide to keep a practice notebook at home or use a white board as a method of practice.


    **I will be monitoring student Fundations assessments closely seeing that there will be no formal homework assignments given for Fundations this year. IF I notice that grades are affected, then Fundations homework WILL be given as necessary (and at that point in time).




    Any additional assignments/reminders will be posted on students' weekly homework assignment sheet. 


    If you have any questions, feel free to email me.