Physical Education Grading Policy



    Grading for Physical Education
    50% Preparation & Participation
    35% Skill Test

    15% Written Test

    Preparation & Participation
    Students must dress in appropriate physical education attire as noted on the Course Proficiency. Students must make a sincere effort to participate in class activities to the best of their ability

    Students start with 100 points in this category. Points will be deducted for the following reasons:
    * -5 = first, second & third time unprepared
    (with option to make-up class)
    * -10 = fourth & additional times unprepared
    * - 2 = inappropriate shirt or shorts
    (did participate in class)
    * -1,-2 or -3 = dressed for class but did not
    participate in class activities or
    did not put forth their best effort
    * -1 = did not remove jewerly ... safety
    * - 1 = continuously late to squad and missing warm up activities
    (after 3rd time)

    Skill and/or written test are given at the end of each unit.