• Welcome to Monthly Rewind

  • Field Experience in TV Production is a 5 credit course that is available to students in grade 12 who have successfully completed Monthly Rewind.

    This course will serve as the capstone course for TV Communications and Technical Productions that puts into practice what students have learned and puts the students in a leadership/producers role. It is the next step in the natural progression for students desiring to make a career in Television Communications/Production. Students interested in majoring in the Television and Technical Communication fields in college need a field experience-problem-solving, practical course--which provides them the opportunity to work in actual television studios on real-world issues. The course is structured to provide students with management theory and practices to construct and broadcast complex audio and video programming. Students will further develop studio lighting, multiple camera shoots, audio mixing, technical direction and broadcast journalism that were learned in Monthly Rewind. This course stresses managerial decision making and practices that go into complex audio and video productions. The students will take on the role as director to manage and coordinate segments constructed by students in Monthly Rewind. Students will be required to submit polished 
    productions for: a video yearbook, Senior Memories, Mr. Washington Township, all district concerts in the CBAC, and Graduation. Students will be responsible for maintaining a digital portfolio of all video and audio productions. Many of the projects will be sponsored by our local Channel 13. This course benefits students by educating them on ethical, professional practices as they produce live television segments viewed by audiences at the high school and on local channels. 
  • Contact: Kristen Dirato at kdirato@wtps.org or 856-589-8500 ext. 7509