• Homework
          The students will get a math worksheet Monday-Thursday, unless we have a test that day or it is Family Night.  Please read the directions carefully!  I give the students the worksheet every morning and have them place it directly into their Take Home Folder so they can't forget it at the end of the day.  If you are unsure of a direction or have a question, write it on the worksheet and I will be able to help your child and write back to you.
          The studetns will get a list of words and senctences for each spelling unit.  They will consist of 1-3 weeks of words.  Please only work on one week at a time.  This list will be glued into their WORD STUDY journal. Every Monday they will put the list of words in ABC order. Tuesday-Wednesday nights they will be writing sentences, one for each word.  Each sentence must have 7-8 words, since they are 7 and 8 years old :)  Dictate the sentence and some words on Thursday night as a review.  Tests are given on the Friday after the unit is complete.
           Please check your child's assignment book each night for other special projects or important information.