Literacy Resources

  • Our class will be building literacy skills through a multitude of experiences and mediums this year. We will be using the Schoolwide Literacy Program for our whole group time, and literacy centers along with Guided Reading groups and coached reading to extend our skills to independent practice. We will also be using Units of Study for our Writer's Workshop time to develop our writing skills.

    Current Units:

    Check out what we are currently studying!

    Literary: Launching Unit. We will be working on the rules and routines of reading workshop. We will learn the ways to read books and all the different types of books there are for us to explore. A major project during this unit is building our reading stamina. We practice independent reading each day and will keep track of how many minutes we do so we can watch our stamina grow. By the end of the first marking period we aim to be able to read for 12 minutes independently! You can help us grow by practicing reading at home and asking your child to share about the books they have read in school and how their stamina is growing. They love to brag :)


    Writing: Small Moments. We are learning the rules and routines of writer's workshop time and building our writing stamina too! For this unit we will learn all the strategies that expert writers use to write personal narratives. We focus on telling a "small moment", meaning instead of writing a story about your whole birthday (we call this a watermelon story because its so big!), we pick a small moment from the day (a seed story), like when everyone sang "Happy Birthday", or winning the game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". You can help us grow by prompting for more details when your child is telling you a story about something that happened, and encouraging them to pay attention to all the interesting things they do each day that they may write about. 

    Literacy Resources Websites:


    Scholastic Book Leveling Site: This site is an awesome resource for telling what level a book is.  There is also a free app called "Scholastic Book Wizard" available through the app store. (Click on the drop down menu that says "Grade Level Equivalent" and select "Guided Reading")

    Schoolwide Website: This is the program our district uses for whole group reading time. The site has information about the program and how it was developed.


    Units of Study Website: This is our writing program. The website has information about the philosophy behind the program and how we use it to teach our kids to be better writers.


    Guide to the "Daily CAFE" model

    Read Alouds of a selection of stories

    Clifford Interactive Storybooks and Games

    BBC Collection of Read Aloud Stories

    BBC Words and Pictures Games (a lot of fun ones!) Phonics Games

    Sight Words Matching Game

    Internet4Classrooms Literacy Games (several and broken down by specific skill that the game practices)


    Junie B. Jones Website


    Skippyjon Jones Website


    Epic (Requires a paid subscription for home use)


    StoryOnline (Celebrities reading some amazing books)


    Steve Jenkins Website