FitnessGram Information






    Each student is responsible to access and print out their Individual Student Report which compiles information obtained by completing the FitnessGram activities.


    The print out and answers to the "Activity" are due the last day of the marking period .

    NOTE: Your paper must be signed by your parent prior to submission on the day of the Exam.


    No excuses or late papers will be accepted!

    The web site is: www.nflplay60fitnessgram.com


    You really don't need the web site if you follow the link

    with detailed directions below...



    FitnessGram NFL Play 60




    Students are responsible for entering their own FitnessGram scores determined during physical education classes for:

    Heights and Weights (Teacher entered)




    Back Saver Sit and Reach (up to 12 maximum)

    Left and Right sides

    Shoulder Stretch Yes or No (Y or N)

    Left and Right sides


    The web site is: www.nflplay60fitnessgram.com

    Or you can go to www.wtps.org/wtps/

    the high school web site.


    Each student will have a blue FitnessGram

    Personal Fitness Record sheet completed

    in class to record their scores.

    This document will provide the data necessary to be entered into the FitnessGram NFL Play 60 software by each student.


    Students are responsible to access and print out their "Individual Student Report" which compiles information obtained after completing the FitnessGram activities.


    Your Individual Student Report and 

    the blue Personal Fitness Record are Due at the end of the fitness unit.


    Papers that are one day late will receive grade reductions.

    Papers more than one day late will not receive credit!


     Make fitness fun