• Reading

    Each night, your child will bring home a plastic "baggie". Inside, you will find a
    guided reading book and a student selected classroom library book. The guided
    reading book will be on his/her instructional reading level, and has been read
    with Mrs. Attardi at least one time. However, your child may need some
    assistance when reading the book to you the first time. Expect to see the book
    more than once! This allows your child to practice fluency which is a key
    ingredient in learning to read. Feel free to ask questions about what your child read!!

    The classroom library book that your child brings home will be a book they want to read to you, with you, or for you to read to them. It may be below, on, or above their reading level. This book is for your child to just enjoy reading or listening to a good book. At this age, we are
    trying to set the foundation for the love of books and reading. Listening to you read is a wonderful example of fluency and reading expression.


    During the week, your child may have one of the following math assignments:

    · a math worksheet in conjuction with the Everyday Math program
    · a fact review worksheet

    · a review worksheet of previously learned material

    Please study your child’s math facts nightly!