• Dear Students,

    Here is a list of materials that students are required to bring to Spanish class on a daily basis:

    Notebook/3-ring binder: I suggest a 3-ring binder for this class.  This is where you will keep all of your notes, classwork, homework, returned quizzes and test grades and handouts for the class.  It is not required that you have dividers in your notebook but you may do so if you like.  It's OK if you use the same binder for two different subjects,  just be sure it's big enough to hold everything.

    Jumbo book sock or book cover: A COVERED TEXTBOOK IS A REQUIREMENT...NOT AN OPTION!  Covers help protect the book from being damaged during the school year.  Students who return damaged books at the end of the year will receive book fines.  I know the text book can get heavy but it is important that you bring it daily unless I tell you that we will not be using it on a particular day.  Not having our text when you should will take "Preparation points" away from your grade.

    You may want to purchase a Spanish/English dictionary. There are some with 3-holes that fit directly in your binder.  Many students prefer to download a free dictionary app on their phones.  Be sure that you are downloading a real dictionary and NOT a translation app.  Translation apps make many mistakes and I want YOU to do the work, not your app!

    Laptops: bring your charged laptop with you everyday unless I tell you otherwise.

    Paper:  make sure that you have plenty of lined paper for your notebook.  The school does not supply students with lined paper for notebooks.

    Pens and pencils:  again, the school does not supply these items to students.  Be sure you have several working pens or pencils with erasers for each class.  **You may use any color ink except red**  Many students also like to have a highlighter to use when we take notes so this may be another thing you want to have.


    Supplies you will need to have at home:
    During the school year we will use scissors, glue sticks and tape in our class for various assignments and projects.  Occasionally, you will need to work on these assignments at home and you will need to have your own supplies.

    Our main focus this year will be on communication - spoken, written, oral and aural.  You will be assigned a variety of topics to write and present dialogues on.  Speaking is the most important part of our class.  My classes will be taught in the target language from day one.