• Kindergarten Sight Words:

    the,  and,  is,  has,  she,  me,  they,  of,  by,  one,  A,  are,  his,  was,  he,  I,  have,  my,  or,  to,  as,  we,  be,  you,  for,  from,  do 

    GTECC has designated  words that students should be able to read before leaving kindergarten. Being able to read these words quickly and accurately will help your child on the road to becoming a great reader. Here are some ideas on how to use these words at home.

    Pick a few words to work on at a time.  Once your child can read those words put them in a special box or baggy.  Always go back and review the known words!

    Have your child spell and say the word when learning a new word.  Example…..”t-h-e, the”.  Most sight words cannot be sounded out.

    Choose a sight word card and hunt for it in a read aloud book. When your child finds it, read that sentence aloud.  How many times can you find that word in the book?

    Cut out the words to use as flashcards.

    Thank you for your continued support!