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       I usually assign homework Monday through Thursday.  Please check your child's homework folder each night.  Most nights your child will receive a math practice page .  Other homework may include a phonics page or grammar page.  Word lists are also sent home for practice.  Your child has a separate Fundations folder for Fundations lists (which include tap out and trick words).  Also in this folder is practice writing paper.  Your child should practice the Fundations list often and don't forget to practice the dictated sentences on paper or whiteboard.  There is also a high frequency word list that is usually sent home in the regular homework folder on Wednesdays.  These are the words that appear frequently in first grade stories.  Your child should be familiar with these words on sight (Fundations words they need to be able to spell, high frequency words they need to recognize).  I am trying to make an effort to stamp the work that needs to be returned with a homework stamp.  Please go through your child's homework folder, Fundations folder and bookbag often.  Also, it is fine to check over your child's homework and correct mistakes then and there so as to provide immediate feedback.