I know that sometimes you will need to be absent from school or from class.  Please make every attempt to be in school.  So much work is missed every day that you are out and it can be very difficult for some students to get caught up on the make-up work. 

    When you return to school be sure to check with a reliable classmate to see if you missed any notes.  Please ask them if you may copy the notes.


    When a student is absent I will set aside any handouts that he/she missed.  When a student returns to school after being absent it is his/her responsibility to get the make up work.  I will not track down students to give them their make up work!  I put all handouts and copies for absent students in plastic file box on top of the filing cabinets on the side of the classroom.  Please remember to check there for any handouts you may have missed. 


    I do not necessarily give then same exact notes to every class because sometimes different questions come up and take my notes and examples in a different direction that other classes would not have an understanding of.


    As per the district policy, students have one day to complete the make up work for each day they are absent.  Work that is not completed or handed in on time will result in a grade of zero.


    If a student is absent when a quiz or test is given I will speak with him/her to arrange a time to take the quiz or test.  Missed tests and quizzes must be taken within one week.