Rules & Regulations



    Required Dress for Physical Education

    1. Students Must Change

    2. Sneakers

    3. Socks

    4. Required PE Uniform

          (Shorts, T-Shirt)

    5. Gym Shorts - w/elastic or drawstring

         (Red, White, Blue or Gray) 

    6. Gym T-Shirt - NO "muscle" or "tank-tops

         (Red, White, or Blue) 

     7. No Sweatpants or Sweatshirts should be
        worn over school clothes!
    8. No Jewelry


    Attendance Policy

    PE is required by NJ State Law; students are required to have
     150 minutes of PE and/or Health per week


     Students are permitted two(2)missed classes per marking period. All other absences must be made up. There will be a 3 point deduction for each absences over the two(2) allowed absences.
    All absences can be made up during designated make-up Gym

    and if time permitted.

    **See pages 10 - 14 of the Student Handbook for a more detailed description of attendance policy.



    Disciplinary Action for Unprepared
    1st Offense:
         5 point grade reduction
             This is the only unprepared that can be made-up.

    2nd Offense:
         Additional 5 point grade reduction 
            This is the only unprepared that can be made-up.

    3rd Offense:
         Additional 10 point grade reduction 
           *No made-up.

    4th Offense:
         Additional 10 point grade reduction
            *No made-up.

    All additional Unprepared Classes will result in 5pt. deduction each.

    At this point the student 
              will FAIL physical education for the  
               marking period.