FitnessGram Log-In Information









    FitnessGram Link http://www.nflplay60fitnessgram.com/


    1.    Log in: FitnessGram

               State New Jersey

               District Washington Township

               School Chestnut Ridge Middle School


    2.    Then insert your information to get to your page


          Username  Your student ID number

          Password   School and student ID number

    Example: CRMS12345


    Note: your school is in ALL CAPS and there are no spaces


    3.    When you are inside the FitnessGram site click:


     The FitnessGram tab

                **2017 Fall Test



    4.    When your page opens put in your score for each test you completed.


    5.    Put in your height and weight


    6.    Click ‘I’m Done’


    7.    Then click, “View Report.”—This is your FitnessGram


    8.    Go to File, scroll to Print and Print your FitnessGram