The school district has purchased a limited number of subscriptions to raz-kids.com. If your child was chosen to participate in the program a permission slip was sent home. Raz-kids is an on line library of exciting leveled readers. It helps build reading fluency, print awareness, sight word knowledge and reading comprehension. Here is how to access the website IF your child has a password provided by the school.

    1. Go to www.raz-kids.com from our internet browser.

    2. Click Hey Kids! Start Here.

    3. Type in the teachers name. (either mryaglski or mrygalskia)

    4. Find your child's name and click the symbol.

    5. Enter their password. 

    Your child is set up on a level. There are several books to pick at this level. Complete the 3 activities with your child for each book; listen to the story, listen to your child read the story and answer the questions. Once a check mark appears under each of the activies your child will earn strars that he/she can "spend" in the rocket room!  


    If your child was not picked for this particular program there are many FREE websites to use. Some are listed on the website for reference.