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    Cup Stacking Championship- December 22nd


     Teacher and Student Basketball Game- 



    Jump Rope for Heart-

    Jump Rope for Heart 2015  counting the money  

     JAM World Record

    New JAM Record



    old record: 1,361,218

     JAM School Program
    Email I received- 

    Dear JAMmers:

    You REALLY broke the record.  Congratulations - this is truly amazing.  Thank you so much to each and every one of you for making this year monumental and, most of all, for your leadership around the world. We are honored and humbled by your success.

    A big thank you to the state leaders who worked so hard to rally participation across their states and the globe, to those that put a lot of extra work into making this an event for your group(s), to those who made their own JAM video routines, to everyone who stopped at that moment to JAM and for all the unique and creative adaptations for the day.  

    There are so many inspiring and motivating stories and we are doing our best to get the online gallery loaded with your images, events, videos and stories.  

    Why it Works. Physical activity is universal, is an equalizer and positively affects 100% of the population. It's the one "thing" that is free of politics, religion, biases, competition and judgment and offers everyone the opportunity to participate to their personal best. It brings people together for a common purpose and goal that benefits their life and those around them. And, that is why kids (and adults) are happy when they participate and want more when it's over. It's Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  

     Keep JAMmin every day of your life with what works best for you and inspiring those around you!  

    Thank you for your support to schools, for kids and of the JAM School Program.      


    Patti Howell, Creator

    JAM Day for JAM World Record
    Create Your Own Obstacle Course Contest- April


    Fitness Achievement Day- May


    Noodle Hockey Tournament- June


    Track Meet- June


    Field Day- June

    Field Day